Name that kit part 2

this one i agree is fredie 2006 val shelton

il this one says open eyed mattie 18 this one says either I or L LYNN blessed beginings art dolls 2008 and a 131 and looks like a faded siggy of some kind this one has 056 on neck mattie rea by Val Shelton I am sure i will have a few more as i go through and organize this stuff


I’m not 100% positive but I think they are all Val Shelton sculpts and #3 might possibly be Gracie and #4 looks like it could be Mattie Rae sleeping Not sure if she did an open eyed Mattie Rae as well but that may be what your #2 kit is …I don’t know about the first one


They’re all really cute, but the third one is my favourite. I love that little face xx

The 1st one looks like Freddie by Val Shelton. Here is where I looked:

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