Name that Kit (Another Kit ID thread :)

Does anyone happen to know the name/sculptor of this kit? I’m not sure if it’s a old or newer sculpt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Teagan? Rosebud?

This is Teagan by Denise Pratt. She was the first BB kit that I did back in 2009 and has always been my favorite.

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Well darn it. That probably means it will be impossible to find a blank kit lol. I saw someone selling it and just had to find out who it was. Might be worth buying this one and stripping it down. Thank you guys for the info, now to start the hunt :slight_smile:

BB still sells her… :wink:

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Oh wow…That’s the same baby?
She looks totally different. So glad you showed me this before I considered buying the painted one lol


I am so sorry if I mislead you. @jlesser is absolutely correct and BB does still sell the kit. I had just read through the Old kit painting party thread and that was where my mind was. If you get the kit I hope you enjoy doing her. She/He is so precious.

That’s Teagan? I can’t see it. But I trust jlesser.

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