Nail biters

What do you do with nail biters? Sally doesn’t have enough toenails for tips and I don’t have enough skill to make moons that small. She’s going to have boring toes. And I’m keeping socks on those feet I once she’s done. No more biting nails for Sally. Hahaha!


Oooh! That’s an awful picture.

I don’t know what I’d do, but definitely would keep socks on her to keep her from biting them anymore! :wink:

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I have been using this smallest little calligraphy nib to paint nails with. I don’t care much for these for painting hair but great for nail tips. It really helps to make small lines on those non-existent nails.


Thank you Angie. I think I have those.

I’d skip the moons and just do the tips. It will look just fine.