Nail bed colors

What is your “go to” mixture for painting the nail beds?

I like the authentic reborn strawberry blush, Just at the base of the nail bed and then blended to fade out up towards the tips. that’s the color Nicole Russel uses in her tutorial and her nails are TDF!


Oh and also a line of crimson ghsp or maybe black cherry prisma pencil right under where your nail tip is and again around the moon if I decide to do moons.

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Is authentic reborn a different type of paint?

No, it is actually GHSP but it is premixed with thinner and you use it right out of the jar and is available from Dolls by Sandie. It is those real tiny jars (petite) size.

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U can also mix this up yourself if you have the colors to do so and then you can look at one of the sites that sell it to make sure it is right.
AR strawberry blush:
Mix a bit of pyrrole red 02
A touch of eyelid purple
A touch of flesh 08 and mix with genesis thinning medium not liquid thinner


Small tip. Anytime you find a mix you like that you will use regularly like the strawberry blush mix, put it in baby food jar to save it. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!


Shan, do you have the recipe for the strawberry lip color?

Let me check @nikkiroc

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AR strawberry premixed lips:
Mix a bit of pyrrole red 02
A bit of ultramsrine blue
And a bit of flesh 08 with thinning medium again not thinners


Thanks Shan!!!:heart:️:heart:️

No problem Nikki

U kinda have to play around with it a bit and just keep adding colors until it looks like what u are trying to mix up. I’ve done great with mixing some colors and other times, even with the recipe, I end up with an ugly, not even close to what I was trying to mix, color!


Ooooo this happens to me too, all the time as a matter of fact!!

I don’t use any paint on my fingernail beds.

While painting my kit, I avoid the finger nails. I use flesh 07 for the finger nail tips. Then, I use a prismacolor pencil in black cherry to make the nail bed red. I draw a moon, however, you leave the moon uncolored and color above it.

If I don’t like one, you can erase the pencil and try again. I cover with matte and bake.



Now this is a new technique, might have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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If you join REAL (or are already a member) you should be able to,access this tuorial using prisma pencils that was done by Stevie Chambers. is for sale | HugeDomains


I love how Stevie does her nails with the black cherry pencil! They are beautiful, realistic nails.