Mystery kit club Charun

Anyone else a part of Truborns Mystery Kit Club? I got my kit today. I like this baby a lot. I know not everyone likes the grumpy babies. But I do. And I especially like that I got kit 1 of 250. :blush:


Awwww…I like grumpy babies, too :slight_smile:

I’m not in the club.


How does the club work? That baby is cute!

Join here. They usually take a monthly payment. But you can join now and pay the whole $75 to get the kit, assuming they have extra, which I bet they do.

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I had joined the first time and got Maia and dislike her… so I didnt join/pay for the second time… but wish I had. lol

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I joined after that. I’m not sure if I like Maia or not. She seems little and scrawny. This guy is good size. Probably about 20 inches. Very nice, full limbs. Soft vinyl. Lots of detail. Proportions all correct. I’m pleasantly surprised. :wink:


Yeah… her arm is the length of my hand and the width of my thumb

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That’s a really cute kit. Looking forward to seeing your vision for it.


I want to see Mala. I don’t think Charun looks grumpy, just thoughtful.


There’s a great Li on the Truborns home page.

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Click that link I shared. There’s a photo collage with Maia in the middle. I’m sure there are more pictures of her on the site somewhere.

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I got Charun yesterday. He is precious. My granddaughter loves Maia and I am going to try and get her painted for her for Christmas. She is the perfect size for her.

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She’s really cute lol Who is she by? I love her little kissy lips

She reminds me of my preemie, Caedmon :heart_eyes:


Totally looks like him. So precious.

I got an email from the Mystery Club stating: “We are most likely discontinuing the mystery kit club, as there are not enough members to justify the production costs.” I hope not, I enjoy the club!

I didn’t get the Maia kit, but I did just get the Charun kit. I’d love to trade my Charun for Maia, if anyone is interested in trading:) @jlesser, are you interested in trading? No worries if not!

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She really is precious! I love the little babies though, they tend to be my favorites


I love his looks he is adorable, not too grumpy!

So we need everyone to go sign up so the club can continue. :wink:

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