Mystery baby/artist

Has anyone every seen this kit or heard of this artist!
Someone on my group asked and I have no clue.
The signature on the body is Margaret Alessia


I can tell you that that baby was sculpted by eva helland. It’s possible it’s a prototype from Ashton drake that never got produced. They did sell them on eBay from time to time and this one could have been reborned. Are the limbs soft and the head hard?


I have no clue but i could ask. I don’t know the person who has him, but she bought the baby from someone else and they didn’t have any info on him at all.

I could be completely wrong. The sculpting in the kit is a little rough but it could also be an early sculpt. I could also be wrong about who uses the baby feet as her insignia. It’s been a long time.

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I had never seen the feet printed in the mold before.

I have seen it on the Ashton drake dolls.

I’ve never actually seen an AD doll in person! Only in pics, and I’m not very familiar with them at all.

I used to paint them. It’s cheaper to buy kits now so unless it’s one that I have or I find cheap, I pretty much stick to kits.

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I’ve seen it on my kit from BB. I think it was Kaya which would make sense if this baby was Eva Helland because Kaya is hers too.


Do you recognize this particular baby?

No sorry I don’t

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Ok thank you!

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