My Zhenya

I tried really hard to make Zhenya a girl baby and be happy with her. I am sure some of you seen the photo I posted of her and saying I really did not like how She turned out. Today my 13 year old told me “Mom that baby looks like a boy I think you should cut it’s hair and dress it as a him” so I did and it really changed for the better so wanted to show you a new picture of Him :slight_smile:


Can we see his face?


Adorable little boy! Did you name him?

Not yet. I was trying to make it a girl to look like my baby daughter but I was not happy with it. Changed it to a boy baby and now I like it.

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I like him better as a him too…ha

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Perfect little man! I did this one too and it definitely is 100% boy in my opinion…lol


Aw, he’s as cute as a button xx

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Yes, definitely a boy!

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I bought this kit because it reminded me of Arya. So mine will be a girl. Yours is really cute as a boy though.

She was right! Looks great as a boy :grin:

Definitely a little sweet boy!


I tried really hard to make mine a girl because it reminds me of my baby girl but it did not turn out very well. Let me know how you like the kit once you get started. It has a very sweet smell but was really bad for taking paint colors. The skin layers done well but after 3 or 4 bakes it got really greasy feeling and the paint would just suck into the vinyl but you have been doing this longer then me so I am sure you know how to fix it if it happens on yours.

I’ve only been doing them about 15 months lol. Not sure when I’ll get to start her.

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15 months is still longer then my experience. My first baby was done Dec 19th so been making them just a little over 1 month :slight_smile:

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My time is so limited t takes me forever to complete lol