My Yannik

I got some pix of my Yannik late this afternoon…
hoping to take some more tomorrow!!


So cute!

What a darling!!!

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Wow and wow! I love your babies!

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She’s stunning. What a sweet little set, too!

So cute

She’s beautiful!

Oh my goodness :blush: she’s adorable

She is amazing!

She is quite lovely!

So adorable!!

Oh my Gawsh!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gah! I love her! :heart_eyes:

So precious!

She is soooo cute!!! What size does the wear?

Thank you everyone!!!

The sweater she is wearing is 3 months. I haven’t tried any other clothes on her…but I bought 3-6 months and hope they fit!!!

One dress I got her is a straight 6 months…and has tights…not sure how those are gonna work with her curled up legs


So cute!

So cute!! :heart_eyes:

Absolutely amazing baby

Thank you guys!!!