My Vintage Crib Restoration and Chenille Rag Quilt I Made

I am so excited with my crib restoration! It has been fun! I just put the decals on tonight. They have to dry out at least 30 mins and then I can seal them with clear Krylon. I have to buy that tomorrow. Here is my crib, the blanket I made and 3 of my silicone babies enjoying it. The rag quilt is not perfect but I am still proud of it.


Turned out really nice. You are very talented.

very nicely done Angie… rag quilts get better with age in my opinion. I love the colors you used!

Oh how adorable! It turned out beautifully! I love the decals. The rag quilt is pretty too!

I love that! When I was a kid, we had a dresser decorated with similar decals. Makes me feel happily nostalgic to see your lovely little crib!

Lovely transformation!

Very cute. I’m going to have to get something unique like that to keep or display my babies in.