My very first sob story

Just had a lady offer me a big 250$ for a custom 3 months Joseph.
I responded “no sorry”. I was polite…
Then she responded with a long almost incomprehensible sob story of her daughter (I think?) Who is in the hospital for chemo, crying now. She thanks me ( quite aggressively) for broken her heart…

I wanted to just respond “you’re welcome” but I am a very soft heart and just suggested she bought one of the 250$ less dolls that are on this site, wishing her daughter fast recovery and thanking her for her interest.

I know, I have a lot of time on hands…

I wonder how her girl with chemo, at the hospital, is supposed to handle a 24" and 10lbs doll…

So, the result of all those scams, the inexperienced artists, those who undervalue themselves, thoses who want to make fast bucks with crap…is that now more and more people expect cheap price. And often, they expect high quality.

I know it’s not new, but it’s growing. The market is flow with cheap reborns, at a point that is ridiculous. Still, people are bagging for less.

It sad that reborns are not considered art anymore, but equally as a cheap plastic toy.

I am not sure if I can do it for long. I struggle so much with my sales. I can’t buy more kits if I don’t sell.


IMHO, the people who tell these tales to get sympathy so they can have a reduced price or free doll are very mentally ill people. Manipulative, rude, and entitled, just to name a few. I also think that lying about something so serious is bad karma and it’s almost asking for that bad thing to happen.

@Leabelle, I understand why you feel like you do, but please know there are people like me that are SO GRATEFUL that you create these lovable works of art and do appreciate you.


I politely tell them to go ask their neighbor to sign his paycheck over to them and then they can use that to buy a doll. Then I tell them that’s exactly what they are asking us to do when they ask for a free or heavily discounted doll. Our dolls are our income. We don’t work for free. I never here back from them after that. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I direct them to dolls within their budget, even if that includes Ashton Drake or even Walmart. And no, I do not feel bad about it. The reason is because no one “needs” a top of the line reborn. This is a luxury item that should only be purchased by a person who can afford to buy one. I’ve been poor and have two kids who have been in and out of hospitals, and let me tell you when I was actually in that position I was too worried about the health of my children and keeping my lights on to worry about a doll. So please do not worry about anyone and their sob stories. Paint, list, and wait for someone to purchase at whatever price you set.


You know, I don’t mind the rudeness, the begging, the lies, the manipulation. I find it kind of entertaining and funny (in a sad way).
I can’t stand entitlement.
I came a long, painful way to where I am now. I know what it feel to not have food on the table. I worked so hard for what I have : health, kids, home, food, happiness.

I never ask anything to anyone and I like to give back to people when I can.

It make me angry that some people think they “deserve” it, just because.


You did the right thing.


Who ever has a child in hospital having chemo has no time to spend it on internet or has other thinks to worry .
Hospitals has all kind of “ wish “ programs so if it would be the case they would certainly buy the girl a doll .


Right ? But they don’t think that far, thinking take a lot of energy and time…


Exactly this… I grew up with not enough food, my mother juggling bills, some utility always about to be cut off. She never asked for anything and neither did I as I scrambled my way to stability as an adult. I do volunteer work and help people now as much as I can. People asking for food or other necessities is understandable, but people begging for dolls makes me angry.


Exactly. Having to work hard for what we got make us better persons, we value the right things.


I’m surprised she didn’t demand you just give it to her for free.


Perhaps we need to rename our work and call our babies 3 dimensional art dolls instead of reborns to distinguish them from toys.


I like to call mine realistic infant art dolls when I can.


That’s a good idea !
I like " realistic infant art doll" ! A bit long, but it says it all .

Usually when I received request for a free reborn it’s from children. I can’t be mad at children.


Your first and won’t be your last. My response is" I’m sorry for your health,financial,or family drama. I currently have many of my own problems and can not help you at this time. Thank you for your interest in one of my babies" It is hard when they whine and crybaby, you wonder if its true but after some of the long and arduous tales they spin you just have to say that is unbelievable and move on.Good luck, it is the season for the oh poor me people to pop up. JMO :thinking:


That’s a good response. I have a tendency of being sarcastic and I always have to think twice about responding to those types of demands.

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I ignore sob stories now. I feel bad if it’s their actual situation but I can’t reduce my price based on a sob story. I actually reduced a baby once because the lady said she was wheelchair bound and wanted my reborn. Like a fool I lowered the price and she bought it only to turn around and resell at a higher price lol. Learned two lessons from that experience. One, don’t lower prices for sob stories and two, raise my prices since the reborn was immediately bought at a higher price from her.


@Leabelle, @InfantInspirations, we could call them “rad” realistic art dolls!


Just need to publicize this name now ! :grin::+1:


Yes,you are so right. I am also not going to buy anymore kits. It’s not considered an art form anymore by the majority of buyers. I think the Chinese market has ruined our craft.