My very first reborn "Sugar"

My very first reborn “Sugar” now Gretchen. I think she looks very dirty and her eyebrows are awful. I could not get her lips to look right to save me have no idea why they look so blotchy. Hair was the hardest for me. I think she turned out bad, but for my first try I guess it could be worse LOL. Hubby loves her and told me to stop being so hard on my self.


She will always be special to you because she is your first. Good job.

Congratulations on your first Baby!

Thanks everyone I’m proud of her even if she isn’t perfect LOL

@JennMommy yes I am keeping we have fallen in love with her. My 5 year old told her teacher she has a new sister :smile:

Caught Hubby sleeping with her on his chest one night asked what are you doing he said I like the weight on my chest reminds me of when our little one was a baby but she is better than a real baby cuz no worries about puke, or poop on me


Sweet first baby! You will be addicted like the rest of us in no time at all. Your husband sounds like a real gem. I think you probably just need to thin your paints and when you paint the lips, just start early in the reborning and use many layers until you reach a look that you love.


Congratulations on your first reborn. Hang on to your first baby. As you continue to reborn go back and compare. Its neat to see with each baby the vast improvement as you go. Keep at it. My question is do you now have the fever? LOL

Congratulations Tara, she is precious. Keep her and watch how you grow in this art, You will be surprised just how fast you inprove. Keep your husband too, he sounds like a great guy to offer such encouragement and actually like to hold your baby, that’s awesome. Welcome to a new addiction.

@Deb to answer your question “do I have the fever?” this is the list of kits I am wanting to buy now LOL



WOW!!! Yep, I’d say you DEFINITELY have the reborning fever, girl…that’s quite a list you’ve got there! LOL

Join the fun and keep on reborning and hang on to you FIRST; mine was so horrible that I actually threw him in the trash, thinking I just wasn’t cut out for this. Well, here I am, 13 years later and hooked. HaHa!


That a girl!!! Watch for the sales, we all do. Best time to stock up. For me its not just a hobby but it honestly is my get away. I can sit and all my worries just float away. Its such a calming hobby. When your done you have such a great feeling of accomplishments. Glad to see you have a big list and you have found a new love. Enjoy !!! :baby:


I agree

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Congrats on your first! My first was Honey. After reborning for two years I can look at her and instantly see everything I did wrong. I still have a lot of love for her and get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see her because she was my first.

Aww! She’s sweet. I did my first one in 2013 and the addiction was instantaneous. Its my drug of choice. :smile: I think I have reborned about 50 since then, but I would never get rid of my first baby. Her hair was all kinds of jacked up and pluggy, but I love her! I just put a beanie on her.

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Congrats on finishing your first baby! I see your already addicted to reborning :slight_smile: before you know it you will belong to the reborn addicts club and the hoarders kits club! Ive got enough kits to last me awhile but everytime I see another cute kit I just have to have it lol.

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trust me you will get better with each new baby you paint. watch some vids on head mapping it will help you tremendously. and the lips i would make a color using the lip/nail color with lots of white added to it and apply it in many very thing layers. that is what i do. keep reborning and you will be amazed how different they come out with practice. im still learning my self. you did great for your first time. keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Awwwwe how cute! And what a chubby baby face. What kit did you use? I had large babies with olive complexions so I am partial to bigger and chubbier reborns. I have only done one so far, but I am working on number 2. :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first one and great job! I am keeping my first one too. His hair is “pluggy” but I keep a cap on him and he is adorable. Here is my first attempt… the “libby” kit reborn into Branden…picture taken tonight.

Yes take hubby advice don’t be so hard on yourself, especially with the first few. I am so excited about starting on my first in a few days. I’m not expecting perfection but I do know it’ll take practice to get where I want to get to, so I’m expecting my process to pave a few “do overs” I know : ), lol