My version of Saskia

I am still new to reborning but Saskia has always been one of my favorite kits. I don’t normally like doing open eyes but she’s just too cute. I was trying to do an older baby more even skin tone. I know it’s far from perfect but here she is…


Those are her legs??? I’ve never seen her legs. They look weird! They look undetailed and lumpy. What the heck?

Yep they are lumpy with dimples like a chubby baby would have.


Are her arms the same? She doesn’t look like she is a chubby baby, overall.

I love that kit to!! I don’t feel experienced enough to do her. But one day!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: yours is beautiful!! Are you rooting? If yes, what color

No rooting lol I am not that talented. I just did very light prisma hair.

It might be the positioning of the legs and the shadows. I think her legs are perfect :rofl:


It may be. I have never seen them. They just look like they have no detail at all. I may need to look this kit up to get a better look.

The left leg and her mouth expression is what had make this sculpt famous. Just my humble opinion. I have my waiting for me to learn how to paint open :lips::joy::shushing_face:. She is beautiful!

Yes the mouth and hands have it for me. I looked up the blank kit and I can see the details and creases more.

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Here are some of the professional pics I took with natural lighting. I could take pictures of her all day long!


She’s beautiful! :heart_eyes: So poseable…love that photo of her on her elbows! I can’t wait to paint mine! I just got her in the mail yesterday.


Thank you! I’m so used to posing sleeping newborns so this was fun!

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She looks like she’s pointing at something she did wrong, lol.


Yes she has that mischievous expression for sure!

Bonnie is known for her incredible detail. Her creasing and dimples are stunning on this baby. Maddie has amazing detail as well. I’m sure her other babies do too, but I haven’t bought other kits from her besides Maddie and Saskia.

I am fond of her kits. Twin B I have, Levi I have

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I think she’s about to say something important. :sweat_smile:

I thought the opposite. That wasn’t me!

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