My version of Chenoa, hope you like her!


She’s absolutely stunning!!!

Beautiful. Does she fit in the nuwave oven?

Thank you! It was very time consuming but I enjoyed every minute.

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Thank you! Yes she does.

My baby wants a big doll but I am not sure what the biggest size doll will fit in the nuwave.

She’s beautiful. Is her hair rooted or a wig? If it’s a wig, it looks like a nice one.

Chenoa is a 26 " when done, so her limbs fit nicely with about 2" left length wise If I remember correctly!

Thank you! It’s rooted with 100% human hair.

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WOW! That’s a serious rooting job!

Lol! Yes it took a long time and many broken needles.

WOW! Beautiful hair, oh my gosh!!! And those lips!!! Great job :heart:

So cute! Well done!! :heart_eyes:

You did it! She is beautiful!

Thank you!

Thank you! I was so nervous I was going to mess her up!

Thank you!

It means so much to me to hear that you like her…she was one of the most challenging ones so far. I’ve been a customer of this clothing company for well over 20 years. I went in with my sister Saturday, and I was asked how my reborn in was going…long story short, I was asked if they could use a couple of my reborn to display my clothes as well to advertise my babys, and give out flyers and business cards that they will pay for… I am over joyed with happiness!


Edited to say I mentioned their clothes!

WOW! That’s GREAT! :thumbsup:

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