My Unexpected Purchase!

OMG collectors and reborn artists check your Walmart for clearance stuff! Never know what you will find! I have always wanted one of these and I got a new one for only $15! I wasn’t even looking for it either so I had to convince myself I deserved to buy it! LOL!


Very cool. I got one that was pink and a matching travel swing also around christmas time, the bouncer was $15 and the swing was $20. Great deal. All my kids are older, too big for these things and I couldnt justify spending $$120 for both of these when they were regular price but i got lucky and when i went back a week or so later they were both marked down!

Now that’s a great deal!

Don’t you just love to find such a bargain. It will make a nice photo prop.

That is a great deal. I need more space for dolly stuff!

great find

Ha ha ha! that would be funny!