My Trouble just shipped!

I’m so excited, Trouble by Nikki Johnston just shipped…I can’t wait to start on her with her little curled up legs lol!


So exciting!
I’m very excited about that kit

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I have not received my invoice for trouble. Will have to check why I have not received it.

I ordered mines from Irresistibles and I messaged Ester and she invoiced my mom yesterday, my mom paid from it and it was shipped this morning. I hope you get your kit soon! I can’t wait to start on her lol

I haven’t been invoiced for mine from irresistables yet, either.

I’m in the UK as is Nikki, they are available on her website so I have messaged her on fb and put a message on her wall with the date I paid the deposit on. Hopefully she will see them soon and set one aside for me.

I just heard from Nikki and she is sending invoices out tonight :blush:

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Mine shipped too! I can’t wait

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Mine is expected to be delivered today. Looking forward to starting on her

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Mine shipped too, she might be a keeper !

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So I may not be working on Trouble afterall, the post office delivered my box to the wrong address and are not able to pin down where. I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon at the post office with no luck, so now I’m waiting to hear from then tomorrow morning to see if they’ve figured out what happened. This really sucks!


Crap, I feel your pain!

My Trouble just arrived. This certificate cracks me up. Little trouble child from the beginning. :rofl: