My "toddler" Libby, Tessa, Tibby kits came in

Holy cow they have big heads, lol. My almost 4 year old’s head is not even this big. Of course the first thing I think of is:Gotta Get more hair, lol.

I put a wig on my Tibby. No way was I rooting that big head!

amen wigs for mine when i get the chance

I’m rooting them! I’ve broke a dozen of needles in the process to find the perfect technique. 40 & 42 break after 10 hairs. 36 or bigger won’t go through the vinyl. 43 slides in like melted butter, but is too fine to pick up human hair. I’ve found out only a 38gauge works well but picks up 3-6 hairs, so I have to go back and pluck some out …Libby and Tessa will be ready by Christmas, lol.

I followed Kim’s lead and wigged both my Tibby’s…I’d still be rooting the first one if I’d ever started. Can’t wait to see yours!