My swirls disappear

I have been trying real hard to get the swirl right in my rooting. My swirls seem to disappear. It hit me when I did my last one which I have not posted pictures of yet, that I keep putting hair in until I completely cover it. I hope that makes sense. I have been looking at my partners 3 month old baby’s hair and it hit me he has a small bald spot in the middle of his swirl. So now I realized why mine keep going away. Now my question to everyone is how small of a bald spot for lack of better term to use should I leave? I don’t want to go too far the other direction. Someday I will get this down. Another question is when you root for very short hair how short do you cut it before you root? or do you root then cut it?

Deborah, I know what you mean by your swirl just disappearing into all the hair…I find the swirls show better if you use less hair. The really accomplished rooters who show us such perfect swirls are rooting for the newborn/young baby/less is best look. Here are pics of the swirls of the two little girls in my life when they were both about 4 to 6 weeks old:

And this is the best way I have found to do it. I try not to create a ‘center’. If you look at the second picture the back half of her hair kind of make a pocket and the front section tucks into it.(by just an 1/8" or so) Can you see that??? does it make sense??? I for the life of me could not make all of my swirl sections come together at one spot so I quit trying. I work on one side or the front or the back and then have the rest of the sections inset just that tiny bit so there is a swirl but no defined ‘point’. AND thinner, sparser hair make it much easier to see.

I hope I helped and didn’t make it worse by being more confusing.
When I do short hair I root with pieces that are about 3" long and then cut.

Well Cindy…the “rooting by God” is surely perfect… thanks for sharing the photos…

Really good advice! How did you explain you wanted pictures of the BACK of the babies’ heads!?? Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Well…these are little darlings I have had the pleasure to daycare while their moms and dads work. I just handed them to one of my daughters and grabbed my camera. I took about 25 pics of baby #1 when she first came to hang out at my house. She is now 10 months old. Baby #2 just turned 2 1/2. Time sure flies when your changing diapers!!!

Thanks for the pictures especially the second one where you can really see the swirl.

I book marked this for reference, Thank you

that picture is very helpful!!! I had the same problem with my swirl!!! Of course, my baby has so much hair, it’s no wonder LOL! I am going to draw lines on next time! this time, i just drew on groups and tried to follow it. Didn’t work so well, I think i was trying to make the swirl too swirly too! That swirl is much tougher than it looks!

Becky I know how you feel. I drew my last one on and I turned the head like I am supoosed to and I went in and left no little spot that they all have. It finally hit me what I was doing I have tried mapping a few times maybe this next baby I will get the hang of the dern swirl.

This is my bookmarked reference

thank you I book marked that also.