My submission for 2016 SC State Fair

I am very excited about my 2016 submission to the South Carolina State Fair! These are my twin girls! I have busted my fanny thru the month of September to get them done! I spent over 65 hours just plugging hair in their enormous heads! But it was worth it! They will be displayed in an antique stroller! What do you think?


I wish I was tiny. No they are huge!

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Thank you! By the way!

Aw they are adorable!!!

They are so cute and I love their little dresses!! I’m sure everyone will be thrilled with them.

they are adorable. Hope they bring home some well deserve ribbons(if they are being Judged?)

They are beautiful and I love the outfits.

Babies: adorable. Clothes: adorable. Antique stroller idea: perfect!
Definately blue ribbon babies. BOL!


So CUTE! Love their outfits! I think you have a blue ribbon in your future :thumbsup:

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Absolutely beautiful,I love them.

Great job! I see a first place for you and them.

Thanks everyone! Yes they are being judged! My goal is to be one of the "Judges Favorites " that is the top honor. I will let you all know what happens! Again thanks for the lovely compliments!


Beautiful…in every way… Congratulations…!!..:heartpulse::heartpulse:

Very cute girls :slight_smile:

they are adorable

That will be adorable!

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Awe they are adorable, I love their dresses and the idea of the antique buggy. :smile:

So very cute. I hope you win.

They are so cute, hope they get the “best” prize!!

What a precious set of twins :blush: I L​:heart:VE their adorable outfits!!!