My story

Here’s a little story about my journey with Alzheimer’s and the cuddle therapy dolls… N.B. woman’s hand-crafted ‘cuddle dolls’ comfort seniors with dementia |


Love it! I am getting ready to do the same. I just wish I could’ve made my grandma one. She had dementia and passed 2 years ago.

My grandma too. She passed a number of years ago though. However she was never really the nurturing type. She would have been utterly embarrassed to receive a doll! She was a vain, prissy thing. But I still loved her LOL! <3

Most importantly, congrats on the awesome story and coverage!!! That really nice.

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wonderful publicity for reborns. Congratulations on your success in getting all the dolls placed in nursing homes.

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What a fantastic article! Congratulations on giving our elders comfort at a time that they really need and deserve it.

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I am just starting my first cuddle therapy doll as well! Very inspiring

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I’m going to do the same thing

Beth, I love what you are doing and the babies are very well done, Lovely work!!

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That’s great, Beth!