My Shyann

I put her in the fair and won a blue ribbon and an honorable mention for overall. I was told the judges kept coming back to her and holding her.

Congratulations! She is very cute.

Thank you i will fix her hair later and post another picture. Her hair is all messed up from being held.

Once again I didn’t have the nerve to enter one of my babies! If I wait much longer they can go in the Antique exhibit and they can award any ribbons to me posthumously! LOL
I love her dress! Did you make it?

Thank you Joy that dress was my grand baby’s dress. She is 3 now. How time flies!

I can’t wait to see more pics Deb…congrats on your ribbons!!!

Congratulations Deb! Good job - you should be proud of her.

Congratulations!!! I think I might enter one of mine in our fair this year!!!

Fantastic! What category do you enter a reborn in? I figure that they don’t have a special reborn section!

I want to say thank you so much to everyone. It has been so rainy here when I have gotten a day off, Isaac found us, I have not taken anymore pics, maybe today the sun will stay. I am was told she was in the adult crafts but I am not sure. I was told the judges kept taking turns at holding her and looking her over and loving her.