My RR from RJ Sweetpea Nursery!

I was so excited to get the package, and then blown away with what I found inside. Here’s some pix, and I’ll tell you all about it:

I know the pictures are small, so I’ll describe: Small glass mixing bowls, spit bubbles, a hand knit hat, nylons for filling, an awesome METAL pencil sharpener, diapers, American flag, cosmetic sponges, red/white/blue booties, changing pads, hair brush and comb set, red/white hairbows, and the piece(s) de resistance: a red/white/blue tutu, and red/white/blue huge butterfly for baby’s back! Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you, thank you from RJ Sweetpea, the tutu and wings are beautiful, and I’ll post a picture with one of the babies all dressed up! Beautiful and thoughtful gifts, thanks so very much!

Yes, I saw that posting, and got a real good giggle, especially when you said you saw something like that image go through your head! LOL on that one! It was like you were reading my mind about what I would like; I’m a happy, happy girl! it was so exciting to unwrap everything. Many thanks again. I love the knit hat, it’s a perfect size; did you make that, too?

You’ll be ready for the 4th! Are you taking your baby with you to the fireworks? I need to put my 12 year old to work making baby wings because those are cute! Maybe she’d get excited about them. The puppy pads are a great idea. I paint on my bed and that would protect my blanket…just a little glue accident that washed out or I think it did. Plus paint on a pillowcase.