My round robin came!

There I was heading out to bring in the trash barrels, (what a fun task in the morning) and to my surprise-- A PACKAGE!!! what is more fun than a package, and then I see it is from my dear friend KIM!!! Thank you so much!!! this just made my whole day, i am sooooooo happy!!!

I received this beautiful tutu, long-sleeved onesie, and handmade crocheted BEAUTIFUL hat!! and not only that, but I received a personalized binder CHOCK-FULL with beautiful and exquisite baby crochet patterns and a cream silky smooth yarn!!! THANK THANK THANK YOUOUOO!!! sO HAPPY!!! THANK YOU KIM!!! XOXOXOXO

Oh what Fun!!! You must have felt like it was Christmas !!! Wonderful gifts !!!

What wonderful gifts! How exciting for you - enjoy!

Wow, What a wounderful gift! The tu-tu and hat looks wounderful on your little one.

Katie, I am so happy that you like everything. It looks so cute on your baby. I can’t believe it arrived already. I just mailed it Monday morning. These are just so much fun to do.

It was such a wonderful surprise!!! Cant wait to send mine out and I hope the girl I am sending to enjoys it as much as I did mine! thanks Kim!!! xoxoxoxo