My recent BB purchase that I Love!

#3956 - Large Heavy Round Porcelain Palette WITH LID

Just recently got this from BB and it is the bomb!
I researched them online and the cheapest one I found was here.

I have been using it to mix my air dry paints in while painting a baby. I try to mix enough paints to paint on one baby at a time and only store them about a week so the pigments do not break down sitting in water. I found if I put a layer of plastic wrap over the palette and then put the cover/lid over that the paints I mixed up don’t dry out. I just have to stir them prior to using them the next time.

Of course with Genesis paints this pallet is great because Genesis don’t dry out at all and can be stored on and on in this.

2 Thumbs up BB for this product!

I would love to buy one of these but the shipping charge came out to be very high I dont know why but it did so I didnt order.

The charge is so high because the pallet is so HEAVY! LOL
All shipping charges are out of sight now. I just sent a baby via UPS for 20 dollars cheaper than the USPS wanted. This baby was shipped between Michigan and Missouri. UPS 17.76…USPS 37 something plus confirmation and tracking. The UPS charge included it…plus guaranteed delivery by the 11th at 3pm USPS would only give a time frame of 5-7 days “maybe”…priority. I am thinking that I will be comparing every single item I ship anywhere between these two.
BB charges a bit more in shipping than some places too…but they only ship in certain size boxes to cut down on costs etc. I went thru this with them about 3 months ago. Before the rate hikes went into effect. Now…I can’t imagine how much higher everything will be.
Yeah…the pallet is high on shipping but at the same time if you buy the pallet and a bunch of other things then you will save on shipping too since the little things will just “slip in” with the pallette. Just a thought. And don’t forget your free pattern with every order! LOL