My reborning as I know it may be ending!

We aren’t sure yet, but we think my husband may have a severe allergy to mohair. Ever since last week, he has had an itchy rash and now his eyes are swollen shut. I was rooting my Irelyn on the couch that week and I’m sure there were Loose hairs. The dermatologist says I have to remove all the mohair and exposure to it. I’m 88% done with Irelyn’s hair. Anyone else have someone in their family that is allergic. If I keep it away from him (in basement), change clothes and wash, do you think I can finish it? I have to clean the whole house , vacuum and wash all linens. He is on steroids now.

Oh your poor hubby! Sounds miserable. If you work in the basement, and he doesn’t go down there, you can probably finish Irelyn. Have they done any allergy testing to see if the mohair is what’s causing it? It’s possible it’s not the mohair but something else that he’s allergic to. I ask because allergies are rampant around here. Everyone’s complaining about them.


We dont know yet, but signs all point to the mohair. I did do my own little scratch test on his arm. I lightly scratched him with my rooting needle and it has stayed red all day. Not to be too specific, but his rash started in a place that I touched on him after I had been rooting the head for several hours. This is only the second time he has been really exposed to the fibers. I’m hoping it’s not it, but the dermatologist says to get rid of it for a while. The other dolls I did in the basement and it was different hair.

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Wow, it would be sad not to be able to root anymore, but I suppose you can paint and use human hair, or something like that. Just curious, is he allergic to any other animal, like cats or dogs? I am allergic to both cats and dogs and have a toy poodle at home. Even so, I always wash my hands after petting, grooming and bathing him. Many years ago, I got a single dog hair in my eye and it puffed up and itched like crazy. It wasn’t until I pulled that almost invisible hair out of my eye that it gradually got better.

I would hope that you could quarantine the rooting to the basement, perhaps wear an apron, or change clothes, like you suggested and wash up to your armpits before coming upstairs to spend time with hubby. Unfortunately, your finished babies may have to be quarantined to the basement, as well.

Poor hubby! My brother has to take steroids every time he comes into contact with poison ivy. It gets pretty miserable after a week. He gets ravenously hungry and really grouchy and there’s nothing he can do about it until the allergy subsides. Such a bummer!

Oh no!!! I have heard of people who just can’t be around the mohair. Hope hes getting better and I hope you find its not that but find it to be something else.

Me too! I have all this mohair and all these dolls that need it. I’ ll just keep it and me away from him when I’m doing it. I was enjoying spending time with him on the couch while I root but I guess I’ll stay in the basement.

It might not be the mohair. There is a weird rash going around right now.

I myself am very allergic! It is horrible sinfulness is hard to breath aherry I have rooted… I wear a mask bit obviously it does not really do much. . I live on benadryl (not ideal) and try to root non stop for as many days add I can then paint for a couple weeks so my body had time to come back. … I’m so sorry you have to deal with it… maybe just stock with human hair although you don’t get the same baby sift effect some people prefer it and it is a good alternative

I’m so sorry about your husband. I have terrible allergies and simply can NOT root with mohair. The thought of using human hair totally skeeves me out; I can’t even imagine rooting hair into one of my babies that once grew on a human’s head…BUT…that’s just me. I know it’s an option but I guess my babies will either be bald or they’ll have painted hair. Unless they’re toddlers. My toddlers will have wigs.


It might not be the mohair but the conditioner that was used on it while it was being prepared for sale. I have had reactions to some of the mohair that I have used. It only happens with certain ones. If I have a problem (itching or sneezing) I use Go Baby or No More Tangles on the mohair before I use any more. That seems to work for me.