My Raggedy Ann (Emmy) Toddler

What price range should I list this big gal?? I have no idea where to even start!! Opinions ?



She is so stinking adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love her!

I totally love her! She’s just so CUTE!

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ADORABLE kit for raggies. I still remember the one @gail did, too. I LOVE Raggedy Ann and this sculpt is perfect for it.

Did you make her wig?

No! It came with the costume.

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Well it’s beautiful and just perfect for her :two_hearts:

Awwww! Love her.

Shes incredible :heart:


I have no price suggestions, I have no knowledge of alternative prices. But just wanted to say that she is absolutely amazing!

I love her! I’ve never bought or sold an alternative but I would start on the higher side and adjust if you have to. Or you could try an eBay auction set the reserve for the least you could take and see if she sky rockets. Even if not to a reborn collector on there you may find someone who is obsessed with Raggedy Ann.

She’s amazing! Looks so real.

I would start at $2k. This is a very specialized, unique doll and large size. Good luck selling her! She’s amazing.

She is the best Raggedy Ann ever. What an awesome thing to do with Emmy - just beautiful!


Hello. I see her on reborns for $750. I personally think this is too low. There could be someone out there that is a huge Raggedy Ann fan and is willing to pay for something extremely custom and unique like this. If no bites after a while, then yeah I’d lower the price but why not bump up to $1k at least?


I agree!! She is awesome.

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