My problem child

3 times i painted her. Stripped her twice.stuck her in a bag and hung her in the closet.( Sorry karen our lake was closed😉) finally she is done.


what kit is she? She’s a cutie!

You made me lol. She’s so pretty!! You did a great job!

Zara by Alicia toner. Only 280 made.

She is pretty.

Thank you,i did think of chucking her a cpl( lots) of times.

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Thank you shes a big girl,shes22 inches long and has full limbs. Im glad i tried one more time


I cant root anymore but i wanted some hair,sooo i took a Barrett and glued some hair in it added a magnet and volia! Hair.sort of


She is soooooo NOT a lake baby! She’s precious! :heart_eyes:

Looks like you won the battle with her after all. .shes adorable!

Its hard when you know what you want but can’t figure out how to get it i ordered new paint.and was determined to get it done.was going to sell her now I’m not sure :thinking:

Thank you very much.

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Well it so good that you didn’t pitch her lol she’s fantastic and I love her coloring esp her lips and her little pony tail :heart_eyes::hugs:

Your baby is so pretty, Renati! I LOVE that sweater, as well. Your work is so lovely.

Thank you carol,guess what’s sewn inside? Thank you again

I was so upset at my self ( i think we are all hyper critical) but slowly i saw what i wanted. Thank you.

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Just as it should be! :grin: