My prize kits came!

My two prize kits arrived. I chose Rowan and 7 month June awake. You guys weren’t kidding. June is HUGE! Her legs are bigger than my little Blessing. All of her. lol


So happy for you. I have a 7 month June too and I was shocked at how large she is compared to my usual newborn kits.



Happy painting!:grin:

Congrats! :tada: She is a big girl! Her head is bigger than my 6 year olds head. Lol. My husband calls her Big Bertha. :joy: She’s a beauty, I love her. I wish they would get her eyes back in stock though.

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Congratulations :tada:

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I must have missed a few posts. What prize did you win? Congratulations.

I won two free kits of my choice and 50% off all ROSE show events-baby shower, awards banquet, beach party and floor entry tickets. I was blown away!!


That is so wonderful :heart:!

It’s amazing!

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