My prize from @angel76 PIF

Hey all!!! I wanted to share the prize that i received from @angel76 PIF. Once i pick a winner for my PIF from @Nikkiroc i will create another contest!!! So here are all the adorable and generous goodies i just receieved and i love them all!!!


Love it! I like the sponges thrown in among the baby items. LOL!! :blush:

Very nice!

Actually the bracelet there is an adult size at least i think its a bracelet… Lol… Its heavy but very pretty!!! I love all the items!!!

What a nice surprise❤️

Yes it’s a bracelet for you​:blush::blush:


When i saw it i was like “oh that is super pretty”…its pink and sparkly and i love it!!! Thank you again :smiley::smiley:

Congratulations! Have fun with all your new goodies! I love that things are happening here again!

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