My Paradise Galleries doll

After a month and a bit my nap lover has arrived!
Although she isnt a proper reborn, I am happy with her. She is a little smaller than expected but that’s okay! Also her legs are kind of stiff and bent at 90 degree angle and her head doesn’t move much but I’m okay with that too! She can take a MAM modified pacifier. I would buy from Paradise Galleries again👍
Oh and another thing, I would make/ buy a bunch of hats as her hair sheds a lot as it’s only applied with glue not rooted.
UPDATE: I took her head off so I could put another cable tie in so her head can turn more easily (Recommend this). There was this horrible black stuff all around the baseline of the neck ring? It didn’t smell or anything so I just left it. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



She is cute. Which doll is she? I like to paint paradise gallery dolls.

Oh she is a cutie! Sad her hair she’s though

She is the I love naps baby doll…

Thank you! @PhotographyForLife
I know…if only she was rooted it would be even better!

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She is super cute! Glad you’re happy with her.

Thank you! :blush: @PaperbackPearl

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How cute! Is her head too hard for you to root?

Thanks! @AnnieSokay
I dont know…I think I might just leave her the way she is :wink::grin: