My other baby work

I am interested in the other artwork everyone does here. I do a lot of odd freelance work and goof around in my studio. This is an alter I made using a vintage baby head mold I made. It lights up and has an old fashioned music box.

Share your art!


The little bits are all vintage toys I found and made a mold for. Dolls and toys and little girls are always a theme for me.

This isn’t as sweet as a reborn but…

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This is fascinating! I love all the trinkets, and the monochrome around the face. Do you go to college for this?

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What an interesting piece! Are you going to enter it into an art show?

That is awesome! May have to steal that idea!


I went to art school, learned many technical skills but I think art is intuitive. There are artists here on this forum who are amazing!

I think art school gives you direction, helps you focus but you can do just as well without it.


Yes, I’m exactly the same way. Very self taught, but I did learn an immense amount double majoring in Art History. Do you have a page for your non-reborn art? I sent you a friend request. I’d love to follow your work!

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I can be googled but for the last couple years I have been home with my little guy and doing freelance work. Before that I had a creative space, retail shop in front, studio in the back.


Ive seen many people on here do some truly wonderful creative things besides dolls.
I cant come close .Its really intimidating. lol
.Ive done many hobbies but im jack of all trades master of none.
My favorite … Ive helped quilt weekly at my church for over 20 years.We get some amazing quilt top we quilt on and turn them into a real quilts Some for members some for sale some for raffle.
This year we did a lot of baby quilts.This one is outstanding.
That feather looks so real even in person .The french knot flowers each knot is half the size of a pins head
I see new quilt tops every few weeks.Great fun and great company
This one so cute i cant tell you how perfect and tiny the embroidry and cross stitches are. A real work of art.NO NOT MY EMBROIDERY! If i did this it would take me 5 years


That’s really cute! Do you ever make your own designs?

I do like to applique and have made 8 quilts for each of my grandchildren when babies .I sort of free form tjough and do make ny own designs The quilting is often added and chosen by whoever nade the top or my quilt ladies decide what would look nice for boarders and backing and quilt designs around the basic patterns .I only decide those things on my own quilts This cross stitch or printed enbroidrey have set quilt designs to do on the quilts.
This one as you can see we just started…the close end in the picture i have done some of the quilting.
Ive done 3 full size quilt for myself in all the years and only appiliqued 1 and embroidered another .The rest baby or childs quilts.Im working on a top now for a new grandchild due in Jan.
Last full size just quilted the top which i bought at an antique mall some lady had made the top but it was pretty
Here is the only full size appilqued quilt i ever made .Every part is hand stiitched .i dont use a machine at any time on any of them.I love this quilt.!!



Sorry! .i got carried away.i think i hijack this thread.

Made this baby quilt ladt embroidered and quilted it for my last adopted chinese grand daughter.Only one i didnt applique for a baby but it was so pretty had to make itCalled Sun Bonnet Sue quilt .


So very lovely I had to come back for another look. Thank you for sharing.

Lovely! So much talent here.

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i have decided that I am vastly under qualified to be in this group! Lol, I am a dabbler…a little crocheting, a little needle felting, a little polymer clay, etc. Working on a afghan for my 4 year old granddaughter now.

And needle felting a cat for my daughter and painting babies and making polymer clay food and animals. Going to finish a quilt for my babies someday.


This is beautiful and she is going to love it!!

You sound totally busy and very creative, love those colors!

Beautiful colors and pattern. i’ve wanted to try felting little animals, too!

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Needle felting is easier than I thought it would be. Plus I am used to poking myself with those sharp needles! Thanks for loving the afghan, I always second guess myself on everything.