My official baby snuggler

My Bella has to snuggle test every baby before I send them home. I finally finished Jades painted hair today and wanted to get a good pic of her skintone for her mommy before I seal her. Got a quick pic of my official baby snuggler in action too. Ignore the lump behind the quilt lol. Hubby didn’t want to be in the picture :rofl:


So cute!!

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Thank you!

She’s darling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So precious. My granddaughter names mine for me. It is so special with the younger ones get to be in on it.

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Thank you

Thank you. Grandma bonding time! I try not to let my Bella name things or else we end up with a cat named batman which was an improvement over rainbow. No grand babies yet although my older daughter is old enough to give me some but atm is enjoying young adulthood kid free.

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What an adorable pair you have :heart::heart::heart: