My Nursery Space (Share yours!)

I am so happy to have my own nursery! It is the perfect size and is in my walk-in closet. I try my best to keep it organized. Please share where you keep your reborns below. Thanks ladies :rofl:

My fatty Laiken reborned by @pschomaker :purple_heart:

My big toddler boy Chase Roman :blue_heart:

Sweet tiny Liam (aka the Lexi kit) :green_heart:

Jordan, my Lee Middleton, sits above the nicer clothes that hang up :revolving_hearts:

There is one window in my walk-in closet. This was the view this morning :blue_heart:


Very nice. That is a lot of clothe :wink:
This is mine


I love your nursery. Happy to see your babies.

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Looks really nice! I love how they’re all posed.

I barely have any space, so three of my dolls are stuffed together in a baby car seat and the rest is packed up in a box.

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Nice nursery! Here is mine…

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Mine is in my living room :sob: I hate it! But, the great news is I am moving as soon as we buy a house and I will have my own office room that will be Nursery/office! All mine I so can not wait! I like you guys nursery’s.:blush:

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That’s what my mom keeps telling me! Problem is, I wouldn’t want to sell any of it. :joy:

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