My niece wanted a creole baby!


Beautiful! I’m Creole lol :joy:

Are you? I have two grandchildren that are Cajun creole and three Caucasian Cajuns. My creole granddaughter wanted a light skin baby and my light skinned granddaughter wanted a darker skinned baby. I love how they think


Yes lol! I’m from New Orleans, living in Colorado now after Hurricane Katrina!

Oh awesome. Lafayette here. My daughter in laws family is from cane river

You did a nice job. I am wondering if you have seen the Pralines and Cream tutorial? I think it looks like cajun skin tone.

This is a picture from the web page that has the tutorial, Sweetie Pie Nursery:


You live in Lafayette? I live in Jennings.

No I haven’t. I need to tho. I just my own process lol

This is on the website:
She has others, too. If I have already posted this, please overlook it. My mind forgets a lot these days! :slight_smile:


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