My newest little one, need better lighting~

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I WANNA SEEEEEEE!!! I can’t see the pics…boooooo…

Two of the pictures didn’t show. But she is a cutie.

Karen go to my facebook.

Awww thank you. Not sure what happened with the pics.

Ohhhhh so cute! I love your wor Deb.

Cute! Nice lip color! :slight_smile:

Thank you Melanie, I love yours!!!

Thanks Amy, not even sure how I got that color, I just kept mixing and didnt write it down. LOL!!!

I’m seeing two pictures now and I can tell you that I LOVE how you did her hair! I’m going to FB so I can see the other pics :blush:


Thanks Karen!!! :heart:

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Aw, she’s absolutely adorable x

Awww thank you so much!!!