My new keeper

Meet Tamarai (Lotus in one of the Indian languages), I have finished rooting her couple of weeks ago, but only got around to take some photos today

She is Divine!!! beautiful work!

What a wonderful baby! And extra special to you because you made her! Love her face and her hair. What sculpt is she?

Honestly, she’s GORGEOUS! Reminds me sooooo much of a Sissel Skille face, just wonderful ~ you did a fabulous job, no wonder she’s your keeper!

Very pretty and the sculpt is darling!

What sculpt is she? Please tell us!

She is one of the Chinese No Name kit.

For couple of years I looked for kit that would look good as an Indian/Pakistani baby, to go with my Japanese and African ones. Many ordinary kits make very good AA babies, but I could not find any for this one. I have used this kit before for caucasian baby, and yes she is a sweetie, but with this particual kit i has so much trouble with oiliness, I had to get replacement head, and even this one was really difficult to paint around the eyes. And she was the one that was turning lighter as I was rooting her.

This is very unique . You should use her in movies. adorable… I wish I could have her. Enjoy!!! Very nice job!!!

She is absolutely darling!