My new girls



Very sweet. Ember is one of my favorite sculpts.

mine too.,I will say this though the color of the kit was a deathly gray(sorry) and it took a lot of washes to even get a base color, but I love them and they are mine forever. thank you for you reply.

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[URL=][/URL] heres another that shows they really do have color lol. im not tech savy at all and my pictures don’t always look the best.


Twins are so sweet!

They are so SWEET!

thank you ladies, they didn’t start out twins, but after I finished one I had to have another lol, sooo now I have twins. I named them Delilah and delainey.

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They’re darling! I love Ember :heart:

They are really sweet.

Awe! Does this make you “granny x 5” ? They are very sweet.

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They are so sweet!!!

Thank you all, actually i have 7 real ones now,once they got started they havent