My new baby Julius by Karola Wegerich!

Hello my friends!
I have a new baby ready. but it is sold. I hope you like him.


So lovely!!! I just wanna touch his hair!!!

Great job!

Ohhhhh! I love that little mop of hair and his little face.

So beautiful…love that gorgeous head of hair! :smiley:

Oh wow! Look at all that hair! He’s gorgeous :smile:

Love him! His hair is so gorgeous!!

OMGoodness look at that hair!!! It must have taken FOREVER to root that!!! He’s adorable, I can see why he is sold!!

He is wonderful.

ADORABLE!!!..he looks exactly like my friend’s grandson when he was little…they took him to get his first haircut when he was 2 months old!!! HAHA

He is so darn sweet and that hair is awesome!


Thank you so much! I am very glad that you like it. He will be traveling to US. :kissing_heart:


So cute! I love the hair!

so adorable love your work

That HAIR!! love.


Perfect hair! He’s delightful!