My (mad) max

Just put him together and wanted to share. I love different facial expressions. He looks angry so i thought max would be fitting. Lol


He’s so cute!!

He looks so serious!! He’s adorable!

He’s giving you the stare down!

Right?! The kit is a girl, (sabrina by reva shick) but the features were so strong it had to be a boy. And thank you , ladies!


I don’t see him being mad, I think this little guy just seriously thinking about something…
Hi is cute!

Love those eyes :slight_smile:

Love him, he’s just mad cause he’s hungry. That’s probably how my husband looked as a baby! The look on his face when he’s hungry-watch out. Throw him a cookie!

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Awe! He is precious!!

Thank you

He’s adorable! Give that boy a nap!

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LOVE HIM!!! I I’ve the old fashioned style you did!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Aww thanks nikki

He gets cuddles

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Curious how this watery eye affect was done.:thinking:

After i glue on his lashes i drop some gloss sealer on and spread it on gently as to leave no brush marks. Let dry.


Ty, I’ve never heard of this technique before. Looks great!

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