My living doll baby

I know I share pictures of my sweet grandbaby Achilles all the time. But really, every time I turn around, I find another kit that looks like him. Most of them have larger noses. But they still have lots of the same features. With Landon, I never saw similarities until I made him and realized “hey, that’s Achilles!” I guess Achilles is just a living baby doll. Here are some of the matches I’ve found:


Keep posting that sweet little face, you know we love him!! We are crazy about babies around here, and even if someone didn’t care to see him (gasp), they are still going to zoom in and focus on the fine details (I cant be the only person that does this with EVERY baby I see online) lol.
I’m that creeper that saves every picture my friends on Facebook share of their babies :wink:


Lol…right? Regular people don’t even see veins. But we see every vein, thin skin area, even hairlines on bald babies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! You have a fantastic eye and memory! You are correct about Achilles looking like all those dolls!

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I will have to track down the picture I recently came across of my son when he was a baby- he was INSANELY mottled in that picture, I planned to use it for reference and to show that some babies really are mottled like crazy so it isnt unrealistic when you do it to kits lol


My friend’s baby has a lot of “mottled” a month ago in this photo, take it as a reference



Achilles is still mottled. But it doesn’t always show up in pictures. Some of my babies were mottled. Some weren’t. My son’s best friend is 8 and still as mottled as those babies.

Cute baby – real baby – that is. It is interesting that you have found so many matches for him! I guess he really is a real live doll. :slight_smile:

Our daughter was, too. She remained that way for several years.