My little nugget,Tink, was welcomed into the world today!

I didn’t get many good pics because lighting was horrible and Tinks new mommy was on her way to pick her up before I could even pack her up, but here she is! My camera and the low lighting didn’t capture her detail much, but I’m happy with how she came out.



She is adorable! Congratulations on the sale

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Thank you!!! :blush:

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She’s just the cutest! Love her little hands!

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Thank you!! :blush:

Congratulations! She’s so beautiful!

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Thank you!!!:blush:

Lovely baby and packaging:)

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Congradulations on the sale! She is lovely and seeing yours has defenitely put Tink on my list of kits I want to do :heart:

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Thank you! I did a baby shower in a box theme. A friend purchased her for her daughter as a end of the school year gift. :blush:
(My daughter got a new bottle of glue for slime as her gift. Lol)


Thank you! She’s a tiny baby! :blush:

Love her!