My latest Saskia

I love this sculpt, and I loved giving her budding toofs!! lol


Super cute

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She is just adorable!

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She is adorable! I love the toofs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Adorable! I also love the teeth!!! But that dress makes me think I should get back into smocking! Haven’t done it for years.

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I love smocking on baby clothes. This dress is vintage :wink:

She is totally adorable!

One of my all time favs, great job on her! x

So sweet and I love the little teeth :heart_eyes:


So adorable! I love that sculpt!
Someone on this forum said that you are not a ‘real artist’ till you painted Levi and Saskia. I didn’t paint any of them, so I have something to look forward to :wink:

Love your Saskia…

I’ve got saskia almost finished but I’ve been saving my Levi cause he’s my dream baby :rofl:


You are closer than I am to be a real artist! Can’t wait to see your Saskia!
But I am planning Levi for NC, so I’ll be almost there :wink:

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If I go I’ll have to bring saskia and we can have a good giggle at our inside joke :wink:

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Yep, we both will be the 1/2 artists at that time! Can’t wait to see you, my dear! :hugs:

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