My "Kimber" on Evilbay ~ please take a peek! Thanks!

Well, at least I THINK she’s listed, although her auction doesn’t seem to come up Geez.

I had quite a time with this one; I have to admit I don’t care for the sculpt and think she’d make a better toddler-sized baby instead of newborn-sized. Oh well. Please put her on your watch list; thanks! … 1555.l2649

Aww- so cute!!

Your auction came up fine. I’m a watcher! Even if you didn’t care for the sculpt, it doesn’t show in the way you painted her. Another marvelous baby!

Thank you!

She is a little sweetheart!

Watching! BOL!

Best of luck with her auction. I like her photos and she looks great.

Thanks, everyone ~ you’re the best!

Thank you, Sandy ~ I appreciate it!

Watching, me too!

Thanks, Rhonda ~ we need all the help we can get!

Barb, that’s so SWEET! Thanks so much for that ~ now if they’d just SELL, I’d be over the moon!