My Juan Kit... Rant/Sharing

Hello Ladies,
Hope all is going well with Everyone and having some
enjoyment in your dolly world painting.
I’ve been working on my Juan Toddler kit, all was going
very well and thoroughly enjoyed doing a larger kit. (I am
still a semi newbie thou)… Well I guess it was bound to happen and it did, I messed up on one foot. Third foot strip & third attempt at trying to fix the painting problem. Then I noticed two spots on the face I have to fix.:sob: Ordered my eyes for Cookie kit and low behold they do not fit. (too small).:persevere: I got oval when apparently I should have ordered half round! But I soon got over the disappointment as I had a silicone doll to use them in and fit her perfectly.
Hope everyone is having a better run of luck than I have half of this week!!:sweat_smile: Lol…
Guess I needed to vent and then share. Everyone have a
great wk.end. & God bless♥


Some dolls are just impossible, haha.
Things like that are part of the process, unfortunately. :sweat_smile:


It’s such a bummer when things like that happen! But happen they do, ugh. It can be frustrating! Sometimes in that case I will just put that doll away for another day

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sounds like a typical day in the life of a reborner…keep calm and carry on as the saying goes

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True, True, it is just so frustrating when things start out
so good and you think to yourself, “this kit is going to be a
breeze/and full enjoyment”. Lolol…
I fixed the foot problem, not quite a replica of the other foot for some reason. Two spots on face easily fixable but seems every other day I can expect
something else to go array again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
All in all she is turning out okay but more things to order to get
her done. Always that never ending shopping list thing… Lol…
I know you All understand and been there many times.
God bless all.:heart:

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