My Irelyn turned out really cute!

Wasnt sure about this kit, i loved the big eyes but everyone kept saying “monkey” so i was hesitant about buying him, so when he was on special I thought hey i will give it a try and I LOVE how he has turned out… So i listed him on ebay! … 1586.l2649

Thankyou Tina. I dont normally sell on ebay, but my favorite thing is the last 2 weeks is starting .99 cent auctions. They are fun!!! LOL

[size=14]You did a lovely job - you did a wonderful job in making Irelyn a sweet baby!

Irelyn is still not a favorite of mine - My personal opinion, is the brow ridge is very pronounced & the nostrils are flared more than I like, but that is the sculpting. My opinion regarding the features on this sculpt simply reflect my personal taste - they are not intended in any way to critique the sculptor or the reborn artist version.

I am amazed at how cute he turned out. I think he is darling. Great job with reborning him.

Thank you for showing this adorable baby as he/she should be shown! Lovely work! I adore Irelyn and have on here to do if I ever get off my big keester and do something! LOL
The prototype was so disappointing and did him such an injustice…your’s is lovely.

You did fantastic on him and I see he sold! He is one that either turns out really cute or awful. Not sure if I would want to try for fear mine would be on the awful side! yours is on the cute side!

I agree with Ginny’s comments… I am not a fan of the sculpt… your Irelyn is darling though… did you skip eyelashes, or do they just not show up?

Nice job, he passes the yes, I’d like to pick him up and hold him test! he turned out really cute!