My husband crochet this blanket


WOW! That’s talent!

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Wow!! So intricate and beautiful!!!

That’s gorgeous!

Holy Cow…that is beautiful1!!

Beautiful job, I love it and it is one of my favorite colors!!

That is beautiful, and all those different stitches. Wow

He did amazing!


thank you ladies

Are you kidding? I am in shock, he puts my blankets to shame.



WOW, WOW! That is beautifully done! He is really good at crocheting. You should get him to make some baby outfits.

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My brother in love crochets and also does beautiful work. Its a wonderful activity that more men would probably enjoy. Its got so many components that appeal to the stereotypical male brain! Well done, hubby!

He did beautiful work on the blanket!

I think more men might do it if they could think of it as macrame with a hook and not a women’s hobby.

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That is beautiful! Crochet and knitting were, once upon a time, not gender specific. That blanket is just amazing. Is it really crochet? It looks like it’s knit. Is the binding crochet too? WOW! I especially love the panels that look woven. I can’t say enough about the beauty of this blanket. How big is it? Did he use a pattern? How long did it take him?


This is beautiful, are you sure it is crochet? It looks more like a knit blanket with a crochet border? What ever it is he did one heck of a job on it!! Great job Hubby!!!

How long has he been crocheting? Does he do it often? Tell him to crochet you some little baby sets!! lolol

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beautiful job! I am trying to get the hang of crocheting but wow, I have a long way to go to get that good.

I have been crocheting off and on for almost 30 years and haven’t made anything this nice. Good job!

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