My husband and his question

So he says “who are these people - I don’t know them”.

He had taken a list off my desk that was marked: Avery Pratt, Molly Edenholm, Jake Rubert.

Only a reborner can appreciate !!:laughing:


ROFL,only a man would ask such a question.Sounds like something my hubby would say.

That is funny! :laughing:

Tell him they are your new friends!

That is too funny!

:joy: My hubby would just assume it was dolly friends.

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You should have said me neither hu n but, oh how I’d love too :smile:

At least the list didn’t say:

  • Avery Pratt - needs body
  • Molly Edenholm - missing arm
  • Jake Rubert - melted head

LOL!!! Sorry, it’s early in the morning. :joy:




Hahahahahhahahahah that’s so awesome!!! I’m dying!!! That sounds like friends I would have!!! Haha

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I have a missing brain most days so I guess I fit right in. :wink: :laughing:

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To funny.