My healing baby

I finished a a baby finally this morning I got her glue dried. I put her picture on face book since I feel safe there. No one has ever criticized me there. As I was posting the picture I realized she is the first baby I have done since my Buddy got so bad and then died. This made me cry but I think a good cry. I had made her for someone else but now I do not think I can give her up, not yet. I guess I am finally healing.

Im glad to hear that you are feeling better, and I am going to check out your baby on facebook


Ty ladies. I had an emotional day today. Not only did I have this realization but my daughter in laws niece, who is 17, found out she has thyroid cancer. Yesterday while working in my flower bed some, my right hand got tired so I decided to keep pulling weeds with my left hand. I got them pulled but when I went to toss them out of the flower bed I could not make my arm work that way. I attempted to get the back off of my phone form under the bed where it landed when my phone fell off the night stand and I could not straighten the arm out fully. The swelling i all the way to my shoulder now and much movement hurts. This is how the lump in that arm started out. I will be calling the Dr back tomorrow. The surgeon says he can not see me till June 12th.