My hands and arms hurt!

I am so sore.

I am attempting to root my Johanna.

If any of you have seen my work you know that almost never root a whole head. I top root over painted hair. I hate the term combi-root it sounds like something that comes with French fries. I love painting hair but I like a little softness too.

I decided to root the baby I made in @Jessejuice class because it turned out really sweet. I am using Delta Dawn curly dark brown (auburn-is) hair. OH MY GAWD, forget about it, I have been at it all day and she still looks like she lives to close to a nuclear power plant.

Will it never be done???

I swear to the hot dog guy you put on your car antenna that I am going to charge a million dollars for this baby. This is taking forever. How do you rooting ladies do it? I have a Big Joe next, he may just get a hat and call it day.


I feel your pain. I have Kenzie to root. She has a big head. I have arthritis and I cringe thinking about rooting that big head.

I won’t go so far as to say I actually enjoy rooting but it does feel rather meditative once I get into the groove and start punching. I’m giving Delta Dawn a second try on my Ava and ugh, it’s so frustrating. As soon as I get going good the hair starts falling out and I have to turn it around, or it gets tangled and I accidentally pull it right out. It is definitely not my favorite :neutral_face:

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That’s what I didn’t personally like about delta dawn. With the karmanDolls hair, it goes soooooo much smoother for me. I dont think I’ll ever use anything else. As long as she keeps making her hair anyway. :laughing:


It hurts me too! That’s why I don’t get babies out as fast :disappointed:


I haven’t tried that yet but it’s on my list. Everyone seems to love it. I’ve got to get through this ridiculous hair hoard I’ve managed to accumulate before I buy any more! (Why I’m currently using that hateful Delta Dawn :joy:)

But the ones do get out are works of art!


I hate delta dawn! I takes me sooo much longer with it.

Cant wait to see your gorgeous Johannah finished!


I have a huge hoard of karmanDolls hair. Absolutely love it!


Awww thank you! I wish I could do it faster. I will have at least one more this year. Eekkk

I know your pain ! I was injured in my wrist a long time ago and rooting (crocheting too) is painful. It can take me 40 hours to root a newborn head. I go slowly and I try to not root more than 2 or 3 hours a day, with a lot of pauses.
It’s also hard for the eyes…

That’s why I prefer paint hair ! I root only my best kits, it’s not worth it to root a cheaper kit that I will struggle to sell for 350$.


I have accepted the fact that…for me…rooting goes for about an hour at a time…then I have to have a break…even if it’s just a 15 minute break…
So rooting days me days instead of hours…

I have also found that if hair keeps sliding out…putting a warmed rice sock inside the head…and then stuffing it until firm with a couple old dishrags…for some reason will let the hair go in and actully stay…still a little troublesome…and you have to be careful with it…but it does work…

I hate hair like that though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL! That was so funny to me on some level! I need the laugh, too. So, thanks.

I have actually purchased these, and if I ever get to the point of rooting a baby, I hope to try them. It makes sense to me on a few levels. One is the one you mentioned, and also, it seems to me that it could help the needles not break so often if it is covered far enough down. Notice, I said, it SEEMS to me – I haven’t tried it yet. :slight_smile:

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Your Johanna turned out absolutely gorgeous! Standing ovation for you lady :two_hearts:

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Where is she??? I dont see a pic…am.I looking in the wrong place??

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I saw a sneak on her youtube video :wink: before rooting

Ohhhhhh. :+1::grin:

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I use the moldable pellets. They’re called InstaMorph Moldable Plastic. I put it close to the flat part of the needle. It makes it much harder for the needle to bend and break. If it does break, you just melt the pellets again, remove the needle, and remold it around another one. I like that I can make it the shape that fits my hand perfectly. It’s so much more comfortable.