My Halloween round robin arrived

I got the best Round Robin gift from huskerfan. I have lots of pictures and a Huge Thank You for her. This is the box she sent all decorated up with my things inside.

The first thing I see is this skeleton and card.

Is this not the cutest card?

This fits Libby but the sucker is mine.

This is a picture of the candy and things inside the box. She remembered I am allergic to chocolate and I must confess I am eating Halloween candy!

Look at my rubber duckie I so love those and this is just the cutest with little spiders on it.

2 more onsies. I laughed when I read the poop one.

My scarecrow!

My candy pictures did not upload for some reason. I got candy and a cookie sucker and those little socks. I think I listed everything. I love it all! Thank you again.

— Begin quote from “Jellybean Babies”

That’s awesome! I am going to try to get mine sent out today, I just need to add candy!!

— End quote


Love the little outfits! I have to get busier! As for you being allergic to chocolate, my cousin is too. As for me, I’d be dead! I don’t think I could resist…chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream and chocolate candy and chocolate shakes…yup, I’d be dead by now!

Oh how sweet and wonderful!

I am so glad that you like it.