My grandbaby and Gena

I have been playing with the babies this morning and thought it would be fun to take Laynie (my grandbaby) and Gena’s pictures together. They are about the same size and they are wearing the same outfit. They are so cute together but of course Laynie is much cuter but she is not for sale and Gena is lol.


Wow they could sooooo be twins !!! I kept having to look twice to pick out the real baby!!!

oh my gosh wow this is so cute! your grandbaby is precious and the two of them together is sooooo darling!!!

OMG – they are so adorable together Your granddaughter is simply scrumptious!

I agree with Jen - that kit could have been crafted from your beautiful little girl.

They are way precious!! It is amazing how much they do look alike.

Now that is just the sweetest thing EVER! Oh my goodness…yes, they could totally be twins!

Those are the cutest babies ever. And for all of you who worry about your baby being ‘pink’…Laynie is the most beautiful shade of pink in the world. That picture needs to hang above my work station for the ultimate reality check. Thanks so much for sharing with us. It’s funny the things that inspire us!!! I want to start on a new baby right now!!!

Thank you all so much. Laynie is the sweetest little baby in the world, just like a living doll.